Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Wow! It seems like forever since I last posted anything on the blog. And I don't have a good reason either. I started a post devoted to my little man Gage-which hopefully I will finish soon, but I can't find the disk with some pictures that I was wanting to use. Then my MSN server has been down and I wasn't accessing the internet, now I am using Internet Explorer, trying to wait patiently for the server to work again.

We captured some cute pictures of Gage enjoying his first tastes of sugar. It was whipped topping and he really enjoyed it. I couldn't really get a good smile out of him because everytime the flash went off he would frown. But we still got a couple cute ones.

I am sure Gage likes what dad feeds him a whole lot more than what mom is trying to shove down him.

Here's a cute picture, just because it makes me smile.