Friday, May 18, 2007

10 pounds!!

At the end of March I went and joined weight watchers. I decided I was ready to commit myself to better eating habits and more exercise. It has been 7 full weeks, I am starting week 8. I am down a total of 10 pounds!!!! WOOHOO. I am enjoying my food, and looking for ways to get more movement into my crazy days. We are all benefiting from me being on weight watchers. I am trying to have healthier food in the house, skipping the junky isles and buying some food that is fat free. I think it is starving Jared, but otherwise we are doing well. We are in a competition- who can lose 20 pounds first. I think I am winning as of last night. We'll see how it goes!! We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day. Love you lots. Hope you had a wonderful day. I know I was really spoiled. I got to sleep in, Jared made me an omlette for breakfast-that was a special treat. I got to open my presents. And my kids each made me cards at church. I took a little nap this afternoon, and Jared made dinner. The kids cleaned up. Pretty nice day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

Last week was our school's rendition of Dancing with the Stars. The kids have been practicing at school for months. The theme was "The Beat of Happy Feet". The Kindergarten did the march of the penquins. Tanner has a great tshirt with a mom and baby penguin on it. He also made a big penguin that they used to march around the football field. Sydney's grade did a Virginia Reel Dance. They had a great time. Each girl was across from a boy, and danced with that boy. Except for my daughter, who for some reason was dancing with her best friend, instead. Someday they will like boys!! :) Kathryn's grade did the Cha Cha Slide. Out of all the dances theirs was the most "hip". It was so Kathryn too. She is into being cool, and looking cute, and liking boys. This dance was hip, and cool and she was dancing like she loved it. And she is good at it too. I have some pictures, but our camera doesn't do long distance close ups well. So I will try and point out each of the kids. Then later I will add individuals of each of the kids. They were all so excited to be part of this. I am glad they stuck with it and had fun.

I took some pictures, but you can't really tell which one is my kid. So I will try and give you some clues.
  • This is Tanner and the Kindergarten getting ready. He is in the back row of kids that are sitting down, second from the end.

  • This next one is what the penguins looked like on their march.

  • Sydney is in the pink shirt with the visor, black shorts at the front of the line.

  • Time for the ribbons.

  • Kathryn is in the row on the right, second from the front. One kids is way in front but kinda to the right, and then she to the left of the kid.

  • Kathryn giving us a back view of her Cha Cha Slide #4 shirt. and helping pick up the hats that flew away. It got so windy during their dance I don't think one 4th grader kept their hat on.

it was really a great and fun night.