Friday, October 9, 2009

my poor puppy

The kids dressed chewy in a stuffed animal jacket.
He didn't mind too much. But it was a little small
for him.


pumpkin picking

For family night we went looking for pumpkins
I handed Sydney the camera for some fun shots
of everyones pickings!

Austin picked 3 pumpkins before he found one
he actually kept.


Tanner's pumpkin upside down

Syd's cool pumpkin

cori really happy Syd took her picture

Gage was happy with the first pumpkin he picked


Then we went up somewhere to a lake (kim where'd we go?)
and walked around it. This was a really pretty place.
Very nice stroll around the lake.
Sydney looks thrilled doesn't she. Not sure
if its because I am taking her picture or
because I just made her walk so long.

This isn't a very good picture of the
family, I just like it because I caught
Austin in mid step
beautiful scenery

and some more
and even more

Salt Lake 1

I know-I am a bit behind, but better late than never
For Labor Day we went up to SLC to hang out with
Kim and Joe and Zachary.
We had fun! Our first stop was the Aerospace Museum
really cool place. I'd like to go back without kids to
take more time.

Cori's cool photo taking skills

Austin showing just how big the plane's are

Air force one

Overall this was a cool outing.


Since Gage started school he has made such
great strides! He is getting stronger and stronger.
He has won over all his teachers and they all
LOVE him. But are we really surprised? Everyone
who meets him knows he's a special kid.
and how could you not love him with a sweet
smile like this?