Monday, June 8, 2009

a fun day at the park

I am so behind on blogging. I took a extra long break from the computer.
but I am back. I will be updating more. Promise!
We are starting our 3rd week of summer. We haven't done much.
so I am planning some fun to keep us from going crazy and getting bored.
this was our first real outting. we went to a new park that is pretty close to the
house. We had a fun time. and are probably going back tonight when it cools off.

funny face


Syd and Gage swinging

the two girls on the cool swing thing, and Cori
pulling Syd down

austin found out how to turn the water back on

the boys are blasting each other

chewy got a hair cut. they cut it way too short. luckily
it is growing back quickly. It actually looks cute in the picture,
but in real life he looks like the dog thing in the movie "the Neverending Story"