Wednesday, August 29, 2007

noise level

just today a friend and I were chatting about how her kids could be loud enough, while they play that she could hear them, while in her room, upstairs with the tv on. I said I don't mind the kids being loud, actually I prefer that to the fighting and screaming that goes on constantly. I think I may need to take that back. The noise level in the house is at a 10+ with happy and not so happy noises. I could go to the neighbors and hear most of what they are fighting and playing over. YIKES. I want to escape. Where can I go? The kids have been fighting, throwing shoes, hitting, biting, breaking things. Then they play good for a minute and are back to the crazy's. I am so looking forward to dad coming home and me leaving. Not soon enough.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

night time shower

It is 10 pm, we are watching the movie Wild Hogs, and all the kids are in bed, asleep. Cori comes out, looks like she is only 1/4 of the way awake. She stops, looks at us. We pause the movie and Jared asks her if she caught the bear. (He likes to ask her funny things when she is sleep walking) She says, what are you talking about. He then tells her to go back to bed. She walks to the bathroom, its quiet for a bit, we start the movie. Then all of a sudden I hear the bathtub turn on, I pause, then look at Jared in disbelief. Cori has the shower on. So I walk over to the bathroom door and knock on it.

Cori says, "yes?",
I ask, "what are you doing?"
Cori says, turning on the water.
I ask why (in complete hysterics, but trying to keep it to quiet laughter)
She says, to take a shower
I am now on the ground laughing hysterically
Jared enters the conversation, and asks why are taking a shower right now.
Well, why not dad?
Its night time, why don't you get dressed and get back to bed.

We are both hysterical.
She comes out, we keep our laughing down and he continues to talk to her. She didn't realize it was 10 pm, she thought it was 6 am.
She remembers part of the night last night. I still think its a crack up.
I guess you had to be there, but aren't kids great!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

happy day

Thank You for the encouraging words. I have been fighting so much with bad and depressing feelings. I have been fighting them for over a week. Which I know isn't much time. But it has been awful for me. I am feeling so much better tonight. I took the neighbors dog on a run. It wasn't much, but I was successful. And it makes me happy. I have been very productive the last few days also. That helps in my self-esteem too. There is a floor in my room and no laundry on it. This is amazing. All in all I feel caught up in a lot of normal household jobs. The kids are in school. We are one day away from the weekend. And Jared has work. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

biggest loser

I felt like the biggest loser, (and that not being in a good sense either), when I went walking/running with my friends this morning. They wanted to up our walking to running 60 seconds, walking 90. It was so hard for me. I made it the first two sets. Then couldn't run anymore. They decided to walk with me, which was nice. Then we walked for awhile, then did two more sets of run, then walk. I pooped out half way through the second set. It probably didn't help that its that time of the month, and the 2nd and 3rd days are the hardest in that department. and today is day two. Needless to say, I felt like a complete loser that I couldn't keep up. I think I may take it a little slower and just do it on my own, and let them go ahead and do whatever routine they want. My body is just not ready to run after two weeks of walking 3 days a week. a body that is 13 years out of shape isn't going to be ready to run this soon. oh well, I will just keep working on it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm supposed to love my job...

...well today I don't. and I know its because we had a late night last night, and my kids are tired, so therefore they are grumpy and ornery and uncooperative. To tell you the truth I am sick of the fighting, fighting, fighting. They fight me to do chores, eat good food, not go out to eat every time we are hungry and out of the house. Maybe I should come up with restautant type meals to serve. But you know, I am tired, I don't feel like being creative. I just want the work to get done and on to the play time. I don't even want play time. I just want me time. Time to do things I would like to do. Things that I need to do. maybe its all me, maybe if I went back to bed I would feel tons better. That sounds good.

schools in

So Wednesday was the first day of school. Just as a reminder of how old we are now.

Cori-12 7th grade. She attends Desert Hills Middle School. She has 7 classes. She was a little disappointed when she thought she got two bad classes that she hadn't signed up for. But when she got to school and in her classes, she was happy to find out that they just had different names and she did get her food and sewing classes that she wanted. She is a beautiful young lady.

Kathryn-10 5th grade. She attends Bloomington Hills Elementary School, as do the other two kids. She loves her teacher. She was a bit upset that she got a man teacher, and that most of her friends were in other classes. But she has made it through the first few days and is doing great.

Sydney-8 3rd grade. Sydney was really disappointed half way through summer when she got a letter in the mail that said her teacher (who she was so excited about, young, spirited woman) decided to not return to work, so she could stay home with her baby. And to make it worse the replacement is a man who has been teaching for 20 years. Not exactly the young and spirited woman she was hoping for. But for the most part Mr. Randall is fine. Sydney is going to do great.

Tanner-6 1st grade. He loves being at school all day, making his lunch and being able to play with all his friends at recess. He did say though that it was kind of boring going all day. I was so excited that the first two days of school I got no fight in him getting dressed and ready. and even making his own lunch. Well that stopped today. We had a late night and he didn't want to do anything I needed him to do this morning. I guess all is back to normal.

Logan-4 will start preschool in a few weeks. He is happy to go to school with our neighbor boys. I am sure Austin is going to have a fit the first few times Logan leaves him.

Austin-2 is a fireball. He is brave and crazy. He is a happy go lucky kid. He is very giving and helpful and also the "for sure" definition of terrible two. He takes charge of Gage, thinking that he isn't allowed to play with anything. But he loves to go to nursery though and walks right in and says- bye mom, see ya later.

Gage-17 months. Can you believe how the time flies. Just yesterday it seems he was in the NICU with tubes all over and as tiny as ever. But not today. He is about 20 pounds, and a good size kid. He is crawling all over the house. He loves the bathroom. I think because when the door is open it is very bright in there, because of the tubular skylight we have in there. He can say about 6-7 words, plus sign the word for "more". Today he said YEE HAW. It was very cute. He is a very happy baby, which is good, because as much as he loves me, and cries when I'm not here, he does very well with all the people that come to see him each month. We have a Physical Therapist that comes once a month to help him get stronger in sitting, crawling and eventually pulling up and walking. We have a Occupational Therapist that comes in and watches how he eats, and does normal tasks, and gives us advice on how to help him reach our goals. We also have an eye specialist who comes and really just plays with him and gives me ideas on how to keep his glasses and patch on. We are scheduled for eye surgery the 4th of Sept. He is cross eyed and needs some help fixing that. We also have a learning consultant coming over twice a month. She helps keep up with all the advice the others give and gives me new ideas to try. We also attend a gross motor class once a week to help get him interested in what the other kids are doing. And after seeing all those kids, he is doing great. Just a bit behind. He'll catch up. after looking at all that, no wonder my house is a wreck. I guess I need to get a better schedule. Less reading and more working.