Thursday, December 30, 2010

halloween dinner


                                        frankensteins vomit
                                          spider and eggs
                                                  fingers and mouths
                                       witches brew

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I got a picture of each of the kids carving their
pumpkins, but I didn't get one of the finished product

                                                  chatting away

                                                   doesn't like the slimey feeling

 its takes a lot of concentration to get to the seeds

almost there


Austin turns 6

For Austin's birthday he wanted to go to Jumpin Jacks
So we grabbed his best bud and headed on over.

                                      taking a breather
                                              funny faces
                                           they had a blast!
                                         ice cream time
                                         Best Buds!

halloween 2010

Our cousins have an annual halloween party. 
we finally had all our costumes ready

Syd cotton candy

Kathryn the fairy
                                          she looks thrilled, doesn't she
                                              Tanner the roman
                                                  the sword
                                                  rescue pack
                                                the biggest loser - NOT
                                                  I love his smile here
                                                 the biggest loser!!
                                        the red team
                                                he wanted me to get his backside
                                                80's chick


Tanner was playing around with the camera a lot.
we have some random shots, and here
He learned how to set the timer.
a decent shot of us-except me in my exercise clothes

                                          the goofy shot
                                      we went on a scavenger hunt at the mall. these are some of
                                      the winners.
the highlight of the traveling was finding
a REAL donut shop.
in august we took a trip to see Esther and Roger at
there place in Madera.
One of the days we were there we went to
shaver lake. We hiked a bit, then played in the
water. It was great to get out.

                                              a strange lady sitting on the side of the trail singing
                                              and playing this drum.
                                         Ben and Austin trying it out
                                         we had a lot of fun hanging out, spending time with the family,
                                                  and meeting Matthew.