Monday, February 26, 2007

The boys

The kids were having fun taking pictures. Here are a few.

Jared's favorite Sunday afternoon activity!!

Austin is such a ham. I love that he loves to have his picture taken.

Logan - the big, bad, Batman.

Gage loves to get thrown up in the air.
Of course, I am not nearly as crazy as Jared. But I love to hear Gage laugh.
And this is the only way to catch his
smile on camera.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our Brother the TV Star

While we were up visiting Kim and Joe this past weekend, Joe did a TV spot on Channel 2 early morning show. We didn't get to watch it. We were too late turning on the TV. But Kim found it on the Internet, so we checked it out. We are all so excited we wanted to share what Kim found with everyone. I added the link to the website under our favorite places to visit, that I just added to the blog. Go check it out. He did a GREAT job!! Go JOE!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a fun weekend

We should have known that if Austin got sick in the middle of the night, that we should have just stayed home, and kept it to ourselves. But we did have a good weekend none the less.

We had a great weekend. We headed up north to hang out with Joe and Kim. It was great to hang out with them, and see their new house. We headed out to Wheeler farm It was great fun. The kids ran
around seeing the animals, climbing on the tractors, and feeding the ducks. The weather was great. We took a great walk around the farm trail, and found a great tree to play on and little house to play in. Saturday night we went to check out Joe's restaurant. It was awesome. Can't wait to sit at the "chef's table" and eating whatever he cooks for us. :)
Sunday we took a trip to Temple Square. It was beautiful as always. Tanner got sick right after we got out of the car, so he got to ride in the stroller, and we followed him around with a bag. And then I stayed home from church and read a book, while Tanner and Logan watched movie, and just chilled.
Monday we woke to a few inches of snow. It was great fun. Too bad I felt horrible. I couldn't join in on the fun. But I did get some cute pictures.
We drove home in a snow storm the whole way.
Until Leeds, then it was just rain, and Logan being sick in the back seat. Poor kid threw up until 11 pm. I felt so bad for him. He is feeling better today. It is Kathryn's and Sydney's turn today. oh well. At least it is a quick flu bug.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Kathryn!!

10 years old. Wow. You are a beautiful girl. And a great helper. I love you. I will tell you a bit about her. She wants to be older than she is, she likes to babysit, and dress up, do her hair, and fight with her sisters. and man oh man, can she give the biggest attitude of them all. She is a joy to have in our family. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Kathryn got everything she asked for, for her birthday, except the dog-but she knew that was out of the question anyway.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

"For My Wife"

It's Valentine's Day,
and I don't know how you do it!!
You put up with the long hours, the whining,
the fussing to be fed, and the constant need for attention.

(then on the inside)

And as if I'M not enough,
you've got the KIDS, too.

hahaha. This made my day start out great. I was so surprised to have a card and flowers and gifts when I woke up this morning. What a great husband I have.

Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

So what do you do when you ask one child to do something, and she ignores you, then you ask again, and she continues to not do what you asked. You asked another child to do something and the first time does exactly what you asked right away. (which was GREAT!!, but then You call everyone to dinner, and 5 of the kids run outside and the others continue to watch tv. I was so irritated. It may not seem like to big of a deal, but this is an on going problem that I encounter every day. Most days I deal with it fine, but last night I just
wanted them bathed and put to bed. But we were due at a meeting. So Jared said he would stay home, and deal with it and I could go. So I went. The kids went to bed early. I felt bad until in one of the talks it was said that us as Parents need to teach our children Obedience. I guess it made me feel better, that I am trying to teach the kids to listen and be obedient to me. (and just so you know, the early bedtime didn't really help the listening any better today. So right now bedtime is 6:35. Lets hope they get some dishes done and dinner put away. )

The joys of motherhood. ..

and then onto my other beef,

is it too much to assume that taking care of children, dinner, or other tasks is more than a one person job in a house of 9? Is it too much to want that everyone helps without being asked, even some of the time. That getting up in the morning to help with the am rituals isn't something I should have to ask for everyday. is it wrong to expect children to find their own shoes, brush their teeth and hair without being reminded ten times before we go to church, and to get dressed for school all on their own.
I love my family. But today, I don't feel like having to ask anymore. It makes me such a happier person if everyone just did what they were supposed to, some of the time. ..
I know, I'm dreaming

Thursday, February 8, 2007


February 3, 2007 -Sydney was baptized. What a beautiful night. She is a beautiful girl. So sweet, and sensitive, but strong and opinionated. She is shy, but not. I was so happy that she made the decision to be baptized. She was beautiful. I am so happy the majority of the family could be there. We sure missed Roger, who had to stay home and go to class. and Rebekah, Sean and the kids. We hope to see you guys soon.

What a blessing we had this weekend. We are blessed to have these wonderful children in our lives. And it is an awesome feeling to me, that as each of the children decide to be baptized and make that first step in a good path that we will have that eternal family.our biggest goal. That we will live together forever. That is a great blessing. I appreciate the examples of those that my children come in contact with. Those that teach them, and help mold them into beautiful people. Thank you.

"Up against the wall!!"

a little fun for the boys, and Ben.