Monday, September 29, 2008

Student of the Week

Cori got Student of the week. Every week the school gives out and award to 2 students per grade. Cori is a great student, She has straight A's, smart, and does what she needs to, without trouble in school. She did a test in Language Arts not to long ago and got the results today. She is at a college grade level in Vocabulary & comprehension and overall. and 10th grade reading level. All her teachers love her. She is definitely a Davis. So smart, fiesty ( I guess she gets that from me) and beautiful.

Way to go Cori. We are so proud of you, and we love you.


Jared left Thursday morning for Salt Lake. So our dinners were late, we stayed up later than usual, we forgot about the garden, and we didn't get naps. We did get laundry caught up, the garage cleaned, the house cleaned and I went to a fantastic conference for women. (if you want to check it out go here
as of right now-8:32 pm on Monday there are 3 of the 4 transcripts available, but check back, its definitely worth it. Very uplifting and great.
Gage sleeping after he finished his pancake

look at that pile. We actually picked more today, but we also gave some away.

this is a 3 in 1 squash. funny huh?!

The girls are all working, while the boys are playing

Syd trying for the wind blown look, instead Tanner and a funny face is with her

There was a few minutes Sunday night when it was raining, so the boys went out to play, and I went out to take pictures. The sky was really pretty.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

And the award goes to

We have a hero in the house. Every month the teachers pick the student that best represents a certain character trait for the hero hunt award. This month was 'RESPECT'. And this is what Mrs. Jennings had to say, "If "respect" means courteous to others or speaking softly in a group or gladly offering a helping hand or remembering to say thank you and excuse me, then respect is the perfect word for Sydney Davis. She makes everyone she works with in class feel important with her warm smile and kind ways. Sydney shows respect for rules by being where she should be and doing what is expected--even when no one is watching!"

Way to Go, Syd. I love you. You are a hero to me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

amazing things

Everyday I witness so many great blessings because of Gage's CP. It saddens me from time to time because he can't do normal 2 year old things. I know there are so many children out there that are affected by CP that can only do 1/2 the things he can, or even nothing like he can. So for that I am saddened, for them and their parents. But I do feel blessed by this disability, that makes it so he's not as fast as the other boys, and can't do and follow their lead. I do realize that by saying I feel blessed that he can't do things seems ungrateful because of the saddness so many feel because their children have difficulties. But to me its a blessing because he's not jumping off the table, running through the store throwing things from shelves, risking his life while climbing out of the basket, etc. He can climb up on the couch and sit, but he doesn't jump off of it. Because of his disability there are things he can't do, but also there are things I am able to watch and give me a witness that our Heavenly Father loves us, He is aware of my needs, and our families needs. He watches over us, and blesses us when the time is right. It is His time we are working with and I know that. I am able to watch Gage progress day in and day out. Today we had PT at the hospital. Gage loves to go see Lacy and Matt. Today he worked hard for Lacy. They have a table that moves up and down and can be at the perfect level for him, and Gage was standing there reading a book with Lacy. Then we started playing a puzzle, the pieces of the puzzle were at one end of the table and the puzzle itself was at the other. Gage started walking along the edge BY HIMSELF! This is something he has never done before-ever, without help. It was so great to watch. He wanted to do it. He took big steps, and walked along that table like he had been doing it for weeks. It was amazing to me. Just recently I was thinking that he really didn't look like he had any desire to walk, and it was okay with me, for now. After today, I am glad to say I was wrong.
Its amazing to me that we deserve to raise this little boy, or any of my great kids for that matter. He is smart, he is a hard worker, he is patient, and he is a love. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He knows all about it. I feel honored to be a mom and a wife. I definitely don't deserve it, but I am glad I have it all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been way too long! There hasn't been much going on, but I decided I for sure needed to post about the garden, and Gage's attempts at standing. I think that is the most interesting. a few weeks ago we decided to plant a garden. and It has been wonderful. It has been a great family adventure. The kids are really helping-I didn't get any pictures of all the work we did with pulling weeds, scooping poop, and just getting the yard ready, etc. but I do have some pics of the now growing garden and the great zucchini we are getting.
for whatever reason the stuff in the middle decided it was not the right time to grow, probably still too hot.

just a little of the wonderful zucchini we have grown. It tastes so yummy.

Logan wanted me to take a picture of the squash that was growing

I think he was hiding the toys he wanted to play with after his nap

funny hair day-dad using the vacuum to do Gage's hair

Gage decided he wanted to stand up all on his own. He still doesn't have much balance, but he kept trying for about 20 minutes. this is a first that we are happy to have.