Thursday, July 30, 2009


We have been extremely blessed
with amazing therapists for more than
2 years now. They love Gage, and want
whats best for him. They give, give and give
some more. and always have great ideas.
Before we moved on from The Learning
Center and all our great friends there
Cathy our PT helped get the ball rolling
for a special walker. It came yesterday
after months of waiting.
Its awesome. Gage loves it and is motivated to
walk. YAY!

maybe we'll all have motivation to keep the
house clean so he can use it often

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're Open

Air Care Professionals is now open for business
and this is our cool van. HUGE Thanks go out to our
awesome logo designer
Paul Johnson (contact him here)
for our Logo
and Rainbow Sign and Banner (check them out here)
for making it come alive on the van.
Jared and his cousin Shawn opened their own
heating and Air conditioning business. Its gonna be
awesome. He is a great worker and knows his stuff.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bristlecone Hike-new picture added

On Friday we went on a hike.
I enjoy the great outdoors to
an extent. But because I am not in
shape, this was too hard in some
places for me. It was beautiful,
but too long for some of us.
Most of my kids did great.
Austin had a break down about 1/4
of the way back down. Since Jared
was already carrying Gage in the back pack
Roger came and saved the day.
Esther and Roger helped so much carrying
kids that weren't their own. They were
Here is my studly husband!
and Gage in his cute hat.

Lehman Caves

Last week we went on a little camping trip
with Jared's mom, sisters, brother's, sister in law,
and brother in law, and nephews. It was super
fun, super dirty, and a great time to hang out with
the family.
We were camping in Great Basin National Park,
in the Upper Lehman camp ground.
on two different days we took a tour of
the Lehman Caves. The first day we
went on the 60 minute tour with all of us. 18 all
together. Afterward we all got ice cream at the little
cafe/gift shop.

There is no way to capture the awesome
way this cave looks, but here are a couple
pictures of what we saw.

When we took these pictures it was
on the 3rd day of camping and we took the 90
minute tour.

Here is some of the family waiting to get into
the cave.
This was the 2nd time going through the cave.
We couldn't take the
little boys, so we left them at camp with the rest of
the family.