Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what do you do when your 2 year old wakes up and can't breath? take him to the ER right?! well what if you are the one that had to stay home with the sleeping babes? clean, and blog of course! All day today Gage has had a runny nose. no biggie, allergies are everywhere for my family right now. So I gave him some benadryl and thought all would be well. We put him to bed at about 9:45 and by 11:45 he is up screaming and gasping for air and coughing this barky cough. I got him out of bed and tried to calm him to see if I could get his breathing better. Jared called our home teacher to give him a blessing. We got him to sleep and calm. about an hour later he was struggling again, not bad, but enough that it still worried us. so Jared decided to take him to the ER. I got to stay here and worry. But all my sweet kiddos are sleeping and we don't need to call and wake anyone else. So here I am doing the dishes, picking up toys, and blogging. Jared called to say that Gage has croup (which I thought was the culprit), he will get a breathing treatment and take steroids for a few days. and it looks like he maybe a crouper-where everytime he gets a cold or illness he will get this croupy cough. the poor kid. at least we know all is well now. They will be home soon, and maybe we will sleep. I guess surgery is off for now too. oh well. it can wait.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This is beautiful. Hope you enjoy it.

MPM 8/25

I planned a great week's worth of meals. But I am not sure if/when we will eat it. Gage is having eye surgery this week, so we are planning to head back to SLC on Wednesday morning. We aren't sure if all of us are going yet, so I just planned meals so Jared and the kids will have something to eat while I am gone.

Here goes.

party potatoes and ham
corned beef and cabbage
eggs, biscuits and gravy with fruit
hamburgers, hot dogs and fries
ham melts
lemon pepper chicken & salad

nothing to exciting, hope you all have a great week. don't forget to check out Laura's site for a plethora of menu ideas.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have a couple more things to add to my major update day, but my camera's battery died and I need to wait for it to charge. So for now, enjoy my craziness and be warned I updated a lot!!

First Day of School 8-12-08

The kids are back in school. We have survived the first 2 weeks just fine. and no I am not bored with only 2 kids at home. But it has been nice.

Cori doesn't like pictures right now, so this is all I got

this is how Logan looks every day before school :)

Happy Birthday to me

Thanks for taking care of me and spoiling me. I got so many treats and presents from friends and family. I appreciate it so much. You made my day.

Sand Hollow Resevoir 8-02

Some friends of ours own a boat and they asked us if we would like to head out to the lake to go tubing. We said yes. and I am so glad we did. it was so fun. Tanner went to a birthday party so he wasn't there with us. Thanks Tim and Des for keeping him so long.

Jared and Brigham go first

the kids at the front of the boat

Cori having a fun time, Kathryn scared to death

gage likes the boat ride

Cori and Syd-she really liked it too

Gage loves to just float with the life vest on

Allison and Logan

Bryce and Brigham

Jared and Gage

Andi and Austin -he would only go with me

Sydney driving while dads on the tube

Gage sleeping standing up

Cori and Brigham

caught sleeping with his had in the bag

Patty's wedding day 8-01-08

To our joy and sadness our favorite neighbor and dear friend got married. The girls were clean up helpers and got beautiful shirts and skirts so I had a friend come over and do their hair.

Cori being a goof

Gage's self photography-these next pictures he took with the camera and about 25 more that I am not going to share

Tanners the photographer

Logan's best friends Hunter and Cameron are Patty's twin boys. We love you guys.

They had a beautiful ceremony. I am so grateful for Patty and her friendship. I am grateful to Larry ( Patty's husband) for loving her and taking care of their family. They are a great blessing in our lives. We will miss having them for neighbors, but luckily they aren't too far.

water day

July 27-good thing for me my pictures are dated. I wish I would have blogged about this day right away. Because this post would have been a lot funnier.
This is what Gage did for the majority of our time at the water park. The rest of the kids had fun as you can see.

even after a half an hour he was still crying that he couldn't go on the swings.

this is my favorite of all the pictures-he just looks so serious even though he is standing in a straight up stream of water.

wish I could remember why Logan was so happy

Gage finally ventured out to see the water after a bribe to go on the swings

Kathryn trying really hard to get Gage to feel better

He finally got his way

and Austin too

The boys were in charge of pushing while I headed to the bathroom. they ended up playing this game that made Gage laugh so hard. Tanner would push from the back, and Logan would stand in the front and pretend (sound effects and all) that Gage was hitting him with his feet. So funny.

time to go home

and go to the pool

he's floating on the kick board all by himself

This was a fun day.