Friday, June 8, 2007



So, of course its been a few weeks since I posted anything new. What can I say, schools out, and we are busy. We have had a great couple weeks though. Lets see, Cori turned 12!! Can you believe it??!! I can't. I am still in shock. She is a beautiful girl and I love watching her mature and turn into a young lady. We also took a trip up north, to visit Kim and Joe and meet Zachary. He is a cutie. Want to check out some pics of him and the family visit Kim and Joe @ We had a great time up there. and the only pictures I took the whole
time were these...
Gage was a tired boy!! But he loves his bottle!!
anyway, on to the important stuff.
Last night I weighed in at weight watchers. And I am down another 2 pounds. I was so excited. Because, Jared was rubbing it in my face in the morning that he had lost 2 pounds and he was going to win the days competition. Sorry buddy, I lost two pounds too. HA. I am determined to win. If nothing else. hahahaha. I am really motivated to lose the weight. I know it isn't going to be easy. I thought for sure this week wasn't going to show in my favor, no exercise, and not eating the greatest because we weren't at home, and then we were traveling. I never eat good when I travel. But it turned out okay. That just means that next week will be even better.
WOOHOO for me.
Thanks for listening to me celebrate.
Hope you have a most wonderful, beautiful happy day.