Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We finally got the Amtryke. I am so excited about it. This is a cool bike that uses arm and leg strength to move. It will help Gage, with what is called disassociation-using his legs separately, instead of together. A lot of the time when he crawls he does a hop instead of the reciprocal, or normal crawl) Gage loves it and he loves that Cathy brought it to him. (Cathy is one of our Physical Therapists, we now have two that we see. She was able to use money that was alloted her from the Learning Center to buy the bike.) It is on loan for awhile, until we don't need it anymore or until Gage turns three. He can now move it at least 2 rotations without any help from me. and we have only had it 24 hours. WOOHOO.

Gage riding his new bike!

Austin wanting to be in the picture with Gage, and both of them doing funny faces for me.

I love this picture. It makes me so happy. Last night while we were walking down the road I was almost in tears watching him work so hard, and having so much fun. He loves having his own bike. I love that it works him, but he doesn't know it. Go Gage Go!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


This week I am going to try a couple new recipes from my wonderful SIL. I will post the recipes when she sends them to me. My husband says they are great and I have to make them. I am happy to try new things, especially things he already likes.

M-Cream Cheese chicken with rice, veggies, rolls
T-Enchilada Casserole
W-chef salad
T-breakfast for dinner
F-Leftover buffet
S-Stuffed Shells
I am really looking forward to dinner this week. Hope you are too. Need menu ideas? Head over to Laura's

Dad's home, mini concert and goodbye to my ipod

You may or may not know that Jared was gone all last week, from Monday night until late Saturday night. It is so great to have him home. Its good for us to be apart from time to time, it just makes me appreciate him more and more when he comes back.

Saturday night Kathryn and Sydney and two of their friends put on a mini concert at the church. They planned it all. songs, food, music etc. They shopped for the food, made the desserts, even had decorations on the tables.

The food

The Pledge of Allegiance song

Austin shaking his booty

The Macarana

oh yeah, the IPOD. We had taken my ipod to the church to use it for the macarana song. Once we got home, Kathryn put it on the table, Austin picked it up and was messing with it, so I took it away and put it in my pocket. I forgot about it and put my pants in the laundry, and then put all the laundry in the washer. Kathryn came out and asked to use it, and then I found it in the washer.
I am so bummed. I just downloaded some scriptures on there, so I could listen while I did dishes. bummer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MPM on Tuesday

I am a little late, but I did plan out all the meals on Monday, just didn't post until Tuesday


B- cereal
L- Top Ramen
D- Spaghetti and breadsticks


B- yogurt & eggos
L- $1 at walmart
D- Turkey & Ham Melts
icee's for dessert


B- popeye cakes
L- hot dogs
D- dinner out


B- cereal
L- lunch out
D- homemade mac & cheese


B- pancakes
L- sandwiches
D- homemade pizza's and ice cream sundaes

B- french toast
L- pick your own
D- at church

check out Laura's site for lots more menus

$ lunch

While Jared is gone this week, I have some things planned to keep me sane and the kids busy. So today we went to Walmart to pick up lunch. We broke up into groups of two. each member of the group had $1 to spend. We had 15 minutes to figure out what to choose that could be shared with everyone for lunch. This is what we came home with...

2 different kinds of Pringles, 1 package of frozen hash browns, 1 small frozen pizza, a box of vanilla wafers, 3 packages of cookies, and one very small peach yogurt.

Not very balanced, but it was fun. and funny to have the kids find me in the store and ask if its okay to pick cookies. one meal down, only 10 to go. and too many hours to count.
We also rented a movie to pass the time this afternoon while I take Gage to therapy.
Let's see what's new....

Gage did get Botox shots in his legs. I think 3 in each leg. He screamed load, i cried softly-I am such a whimp when it comes to my kids being hurt-but we survived. I haven't noticed much difference yet. But we are working on getting him to sit indian style-or would that be criss-cross-applesauce now a days?! and standing, and walking, and basically just using his legs as much as we can. We are adding physical and occupational therapy to make each one day a week. It will make for some busy weeks, but at least he is getting what he needs. He is also going to be casted for new leg braces and will need to wear one leg brace and one knee brace 9the opposite leg) to bed each night. that's the news on him.
otherwise, we had a pretty good weekend. But we got a lot of rain on our heads. We went to see the movie in the park, and it started to rain, and then down pour, so they had to shut down the movie. By the time we got home we could hardly see driving down the road, the rain was so crazy. Saturday we had a ward picnic in Pine Valley. It rained on us there too. Luckily we had the Lion's Lodge to hide out in. Good food, lots of fun.
Monday Jared left for a week long trip to SLC to redo his brothers roof. So i am flying solo for a few days. I am sure it will all be okay. I just hope I can keep them busy enough to keep me sane!
no pictures this week. I should have been taking pictures of the trampoline hole project, but I didn't. Ends up that we spent some time to dig out this hole for several days, and Jared stayed until we got it all put together yesterday. and while we were jumping on it to make sure it was safe :) we broke off 9 springs. so, needless to say, we took it back down, so that we can keep our no injuries streak going. Hopefully I can find a new one, for not too much moola.
hope you're having a great day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The coming's and going's

So, I have been horrible about updating. Sorry. We have been busy, but I have taken absolutely no pictures of us doing those busy things. I am hoping that mom will share some of the pictures she took, so I can show you what we have been doing.
June 23-27th-Tuesday to Friday, I head up Cedar Mountain for girls camp. Thanks to a great neighbor and a wonderful husband I was able to stay with the girls the whole time. We had lots of fun, and lots of dirt. It was a great experience. The focus was more on spirituality than on a ton of camp skills. don't get me wrong they did learn about that stuff too. I love being in the great outdoors.
The day after I got back from camp we were able to hook up with some great friends, the Springers, from CA for dinner and a temple trip. It was so nice to hang out with them.
Monday, Jared's mom, his two sisters-Heather and Rebekah, and Rebekah's 3 kids came into town. They stayed with us from Monday until Saturday night. It was fun to hang out. We went to the pool a couple times. Played games, and on Friday headed to the front yard to watch the neighbors set off fireworks. Unfortunately, Mom's windshield got hit by a golf ball. and all the family got the flu. So we didn't get to do too much, but at least we got to be together. The kids, (Jared and I, too) had a great water balloon fight. I will ask mom for copies of the pictures that she took, to share. All and all a pretty good couple weeks.
This week has been busy.
Saturday we started cleaning out the hole that used to be the trampoline,so we can put up another trampoline and on Monday we continued digging, then headed to a friends pool, and home for some fireworks that I bought. Tuesday night we had an activity at the church about family history. So I shared some stories about my grandfather and pictures that I had. Last night we had a great activity at the church called a Service Auction. Jared was our Auctioneer. It was some of the ladies from the ward giving different services. I donated homemade rolls and lessons to make them, and a dessert a month for 6 months. I bought a 2 hour housecleaning. It was a lot of fun. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the decorations that Patty and I put up. Every day this week we have had some sort of Gage's helpers come over or places we needed to go. Tomorrow we are going to an appt with the rehabilitation dr. Gage has been on a medication to help his muscles be looser. It is helping but just not enough. So tomorrow we will do botox injections to help even more. I will let you know how it goes. We are hoping for a few months of help with these injections.
Sorry I rambled for so long. I did find a couple random pictures to share.

Gage with a ton of lincoln logs in his shirt. He had so much fun letting the kids, and the dad putting them in his shirt. Then he would sit up and make them all fall out, then go back and have them fill him up again.

Some friends of ours let us use their pool, so Jared, mom and Rebekah decorated a cake with a jello pool to say thanks!

Austin loves to play with the medicine syringes. He likes to make them like long finger nails.