Tuesday, March 27, 2007

kids funnies

The kids are always doing funny things. But this one made me chuckle and I thought i would share a side of Tanner that we don't see everyday...

Yesterday at school he was sitting next to this girl Amelia and the room helper (who happens to be our Bishops wife, she volunteers at the school to help the kids that are a little behind) so anyway, she is helping Amelia, and Tanner and Amelia start talking about how her dad brushes her teeth. Tanner looks at her very sternly and says, "Your dad isn't supposed to brush your teeth, you are supposed to brush your teeth." Sister Daniels said Tanner got this look on his face and continued to look at her with a indignant look and was so shocked that she didn't brush her own teeth. Ya gotta love boys.

Then onto the terrific and troublesome two year old. Austin is a cutie. And when he smiles at me, I melt a bit inside. But last night at dinner he was a busy boy. Logan comes running over and says, "DAD. Austin is on the table and is dumping the salt, Like this," showing him how he is shaking the salt shaker, all over the table!! Jared gets up and runs over to the other table and gets Austin down. As soon as he is free he gets up to the nearby table and starts dumping the salt there too. Then Jared gets him down and passes him to me. I hold him for a bit and then let him go, and he goes straight for another salt shaker!! The people that were sitting on the same side of the restaurant were shaking there heads at us, like- don't people control there kids anymore these days. all we could do was laugh, and Jared carried Austin out piggy back.
I guess that shows he's coming out of the cute stage and onto the wonderful stage of destruction. Yay for me. :)


The Davis Family said...

I can just see Tanner's face as he is saying that! Can't wait to see you next week!


Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

your kids are a crack up... where are vacation pics?