Monday, July 9, 2007


Hi all.
I have been horrible about posting. So I thought I would just post some misc. pics of us doing stuff.

well I was going to, but I can't find the cord to transfer pictures over. So, for now, does anyone have a great knack at organizing? I need you. Do you want to come stay at my house, I will cook for you. that is about as much as I can offer right now. :)
hope all is well.


Tara Brooks said...

I wanna come help. But then again, I wouldn't be much help. I could tell you what to do and that is about it.
Can I just come and have you cook for me anyway...hee hee!
Love you. Good luck with the organizing.

Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

I want to come too... We should all come on the same weekend.... he he he he