Saturday, October 6, 2007

taking me away

They're coming to take me away, ha ha. They're coming to take me away ho ho. he he, ha ha to the funny farm.

Just kidding. a week from Monday Jared and I are taking a vacation. No kids, just us two. We are heading to Disneyland for a week to use our season passes one more time before they expire. I am so excited, so ready, a bit worried. So my question (s) to you is...

Do you do anything special for your kids when you leave them with someone? Is it easier to leave before they get up? Or better in the long run to say goodbye? do you call and check in or just wait for them to call you? Ideas, Advice. Do you remember your parents leaving you? Did you get anything special?
I know they will all be okay, and even have a great time. Our great friends that are watching them are very cool and very fun.
We appreciate you Tim and Des. Thank You!!


Anonymous said...

As a mom, I don't think it matters when you leave. It will be hard either way (on you mostly).
My preference is to say goodbye the night before and leave while they are sleeping (you still get to say goodbye, but no screaming upset kids when you leave).
We usually bring the kids a gift when we get back, something to let them know that we were thinking of them.
I also wait a day or sometimes force myself two days before I call to check in. Usually at a time when I know they can be distracted easily with doing something else, if it upsets them.
I am SO happy that you guys get to have a break just to yourselves. It's amazing what a little vacation without kids can do. You and Jared definitely deserve it.

The Davis Family said...

I was wondering what you guys where going to do when you left. I agree with super smart Tara....leave before they wake up.
My parents always brought us stuff back from their trips. It was fun to see what they had brought us from their adventures.
I have a hard enough time leaving Zachary with Joe. I'm always calling. But chalk that up to being a new mom. You're a seasoned pro!
Have an excellent adventure!!!!

Calamity Jane said...

I think the adventure of having mom and dad gone in itself is more fun than we would ever want to admit. There may be tears at first for your benefit, but cheers when they find that chores, rules and discipline is minimal and they get to watch more tv!