Wednesday, February 20, 2008

am I crazy

I signed up to run in this 5k. Am I crazy? anyone want to join me? I do not plan to get a good time, I just want to finish. I am starting a running plan called-
couch to 5k running plan today. The Learning Center for Families is an organization that helps children with special needs in health or development. We receive a lot of help from them for Gage, and I thought one way I could give back would be to run in this race. So who wants to join me? anyone? anyone? any takers at all? if you want to sign up go to Run 4 Kids and register. I'll see you there.


Tiffany & Annabella said...

you are so great!!! If I were closer and were in some kinda of good shape I might.... Sounds like fun I think you are going to do great... Do we donate to you?

Davis family said...

I am in no shape, but am in need of a good motivation. Thanks. I don't think I take donations, it is done on the website I think. Are you having a great week with Keyth home??

Melissa Basua said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Good for you! and good luck!