Friday, June 6, 2008

Girls Hike

Thursday I had the privilege of going hiking with a bunch of the young women. It was a great hike. So good we took the kids on Saturday.

Here's all of the girls and their goofy faces.

Here's the family shots. It was hard work, but so good for us to get out and hike.


Tiffany & Annabella said...

Okay so I probably shouldn't say this but Cori is the cutest girl in the YW. I know I might be biased but She is absolutly beautiful!! Looks like y'all had fun. Isn't it really hot? how did y'all hike in the heat. I am a wuss when it comes to the heat here. I don't even want to check the mail box.

Sara said...

How fun and good excerise, too. Where was the hike? I haven't braved taking the kids on a hike, yet.

Michelle & Paul said...

What troopers! It looks like you had fun! It is so great for the kids to get to do that! My kids would love that!