Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been way too long! There hasn't been much going on, but I decided I for sure needed to post about the garden, and Gage's attempts at standing. I think that is the most interesting. a few weeks ago we decided to plant a garden. and It has been wonderful. It has been a great family adventure. The kids are really helping-I didn't get any pictures of all the work we did with pulling weeds, scooping poop, and just getting the yard ready, etc. but I do have some pics of the now growing garden and the great zucchini we are getting.
for whatever reason the stuff in the middle decided it was not the right time to grow, probably still too hot.

just a little of the wonderful zucchini we have grown. It tastes so yummy.

Logan wanted me to take a picture of the squash that was growing

I think he was hiding the toys he wanted to play with after his nap

funny hair day-dad using the vacuum to do Gage's hair

Gage decided he wanted to stand up all on his own. He still doesn't have much balance, but he kept trying for about 20 minutes. this is a first that we are happy to have.


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

The garden is great!! I just haven't the desire to start one yet. I think about it lots but just haven't done it. Standing is great!!! i love the hair pic... Too cute!

nikki said...

YAY Gage! Hope you have lots of good zuchinni recipes! Gardens are fun, nothing like eating the fruit of your labors! p.s. Lets go camping next summer!

Sara said...

I can't believe you garden has grow that much. I remember you guys going and getting the maneur (sp)? WOW! By the way we still have you Lion King. I'll get it back to you soon.

Christi said...

beautiful zuchinni! you rock with the hole gardening 'thang

Kim said...

Great job on the garden! I wish that we had as much room as you do...but we make due. And YEAH FOR GAGEY!!!!!!!