Monday, December 1, 2008


oh so thankful, for so many things! including, but not limited to-
the tender mercies of the Lord. which include-
an amazing Physical Therapist who is thinking about us often, who knows people who know people. Our sweet PT called a PT Scott in Orem, (pictured below) who knew a man Ernie (who had a child with a disability) that had started a foundation to help families with members who had disabilities that needed equipment, and help getting it. Scott talked to Ernie, applied for us to get a stroller. We had decided not to try to get it through the insurance because really we can't afford a stroller like this. But after Scott got it fixed with Ernie, he called to let me know that we had a stroller. That it was ours to keep, to thrash, to have, and if in the end it was still in good condition we could give it back, but we didn't have to. We went and picked it up from him a couple weeks ago. What an awesome blessing. The Lord works in miraculous ways. This is an $800 stroller, that is ours. Its big, and will fit Gage for sometime. I am amazed. Thanks to Cathy-for always thinking of us you are awesome! we are blessed to have you be our friend. Scott for being the middle man and delivery man-you went above and beyond, and we are grateful! and to Ernie you will never know how much you have affected our lives. Thank You!

a happy family. and that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their sweet boy
were able to come, make and eat a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.
We had a great time.

Surprise anniversary presents that are delivered, and smell wonderful

surprise pictures on the camera!
goofy kids

a wonderful mom who loves me, and for the
time we get to spend with her. I should say parents
that love me, and family that loves me. I just don't
have pictures of everyone.

a temple here nearby. that we are blessed to be
able to go to.

a living prophet of God that leads us on the earth

and last(for today), but certainly not least
a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood,
who was called yesterday to be in the new bishopric of
our ward as the second counselor. who is a servant of the Lord, and who loves the
Lord and testifies of Him. I am thankful that Jared
was called, and accepted this new calling.
I know it is a calling from God. On Friday night as we
were driving to the church to meet with the Stake
President, I was saying a prayer that I would know
that whatever calling we recieved that night
was from Him. and in the middle of that prayer
I realized that I didn't need to be saying that prayer
for reassurance. I knew, and still do, that the men
we were meeting with are men of God, they do His work, and
His will. This calling was from God. That the new Bishop is meant
to be the new bishop, and God called him to this calling. I have a testimony of
this. I have been getting prepared for this. The spirit has been telling me
that this calling was coming. and I am okay with it
I know that there will be some rough times but I also
know that God will bless us for our steadfast service.
I am grateful for the opportunity that Jared and I have to
serve. He is a wonderful man. and I am glad to be his wife

and for those of you who are curious-the new
bishop of the 10th ward is Bishop Dean Cooper, John Stewart
1st counselor, Jared Davis 2nd counselor.
awesome men. I am looking forward to seeing what these
guys can do.


Tracylea said...

You have been tagged by me, Tracylea! I love your website and visit often. I have tagged you because of the enjoyment you have givne me.

Kathy said...

Andi you are so amazing! Thanks for writing this it touched me. And if I can do anything to help please call me or send a couple kids to sit with us on Sundays or let me know anything that I can do. Jared will be a fabulous bishopric member.

MillerTime said...

I love your blog!!! I love the things you write .... and I adore you and your family!

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

Andi you are and amazing woman. I am so blessed to have you in my life! I love this post!
I love the new backround too

Kim said...

I am thankful to have the most awesome-est sister-in-law! We had so much fun and I was so sad to leave. But we will be back...soon! You are the best and each and every one of those kids are lucky to have you as there mommy.

Love you!

justinandjen said...

You are such an inspiration. You have such a wonderful family. We love you guys!

Christi said...

Beautiful post. Jared will do a great job in his new calling in large part because he has a fabulous woman behind him!

tara @ kidz said...

Just stopping by through A Daily Scoop and I'm so glad I did! I can totally relate to the tender mercies you feel from the Lord because of the support of good therapists. My daughter also has special needs. If you need more assistance with orthopedic devices or anything else that isn't covered, you should go to They are amazing to work with and WANT to help people out! Also they have a lot of get togethers so parents can mix and mingle and kids too. It's an amazing organization.

My blog is designed to celebrate the lives of children with special needs. You should stop by and if you would like to, share your son's story. I spotlight a child at least once a week.

Best wishes to you!

Sharps said...

Holy cow I can't believe you guys in your wedding picture!!! CUTE!!! CRAZY!!! We are coming up on # 7 here pretty soon!