Thursday, April 2, 2009

California or Bust

April 1st the day of fools was a great day, many
were fooled because of this sign.
Yesterday, we wanted to pull a prank on the kids. but when
they saw the sign , they all knew it was a joke. But...
our neighbor called and wanted to know what was up.
I told her that we were headed back to CA to live with Jared's mom because we
were going to put Gage in a program at UCLA.
Of course after I went through the spiel I said April Fools.

Then I was at the church and someone else had seen the
sign, so I told the same story, over and over again.
I was teaching about talents, so I told the story one more time
then said, April Fools. I made people cry. I guess people love me. (well
maybe not so much anymore) I felt really loved. I kinda felt bad. But really
got a kick out of it too.
Thanks to my friends for still loving me.


Kathy said...

That was quite a prank. I figured Jared must not have passed his tests and you were headed to CA to take the job offered.

Jen L said...

Hey Girl! missed you at the easter egg hunt! I could never pull off anything like you did with your neighbors...Funny (kinda mean though). Your hike looks so fun I don't even know where it is..but I would love to go there some day

justinandjen said...

Glad your not moving...and glad I didn't see the sign. I would have been sad!

nikki said...

Good one! Too bad it's just a prank!