Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gage in SLC

Gage went to Primary Children's Medical
Center to have a Intrathecal Baclofen Pump Trial
As many of you know, Gage has Cerebral Palsy
which causes his limbs to be stiff. His legs more than his
arms. He takes an oral medication right now that
relaxes his muscles. But there are side
effects and issues we will face with this
So we decided to do this trial to see if he
would do well with the pump.
He did great!! He had to hang out in the bed most of the day.
They came in and examined him to see what his
body could do without any meds.
Then they put this numbing cream on his back
Luckily they had his favorite movies in their collection
and he was entertained. :)
After the numbing cream took affect they did a lumbar
puncture, and injected him with the baclofen
He did FANTASTIC. no tears!! He laid there talking to me
about Chewy and never cried. I could tell it was hard for him, but
he was a champ. He then had to lay in bed on his back for a couple hours. They
came in and did another exam and then he could eat. He hadn't eaten in so long
that he ate all his food! and some juice too.
After another couple hours they came back and got him out of bed to see if he
could walk with the meds in him. He did. They were very surprised. Turns out he does have
muscles. not just tightness. YAY. After that he was able to go home. He rode in a wagon out to meet dad.

                                                  happy to go home
                                            we ended up going upstairs to get his botox shots
                                            He did great again. and told the dr. that he loved her
                                            They gave him a Real Salt Lake mini soccer ball.
                                           The docs told us that he may get a headache and needed
                                            to lay down and rest when he got home.
                                           The kid is resilent. He was up playing at Joe and Kims on their
                                            porch until we went to the drive in. I guess he was tired of laying around
                                           Once the movie was going to start he laid on his pillow under his blanket
                                           and was out cold in minutes.

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