Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's see what's new....

Gage did get Botox shots in his legs. I think 3 in each leg. He screamed load, i cried softly-I am such a whimp when it comes to my kids being hurt-but we survived. I haven't noticed much difference yet. But we are working on getting him to sit indian style-or would that be criss-cross-applesauce now a days?! and standing, and walking, and basically just using his legs as much as we can. We are adding physical and occupational therapy to make each one day a week. It will make for some busy weeks, but at least he is getting what he needs. He is also going to be casted for new leg braces and will need to wear one leg brace and one knee brace 9the opposite leg) to bed each night. that's the news on him.
otherwise, we had a pretty good weekend. But we got a lot of rain on our heads. We went to see the movie in the park, and it started to rain, and then down pour, so they had to shut down the movie. By the time we got home we could hardly see driving down the road, the rain was so crazy. Saturday we had a ward picnic in Pine Valley. It rained on us there too. Luckily we had the Lion's Lodge to hide out in. Good food, lots of fun.
Monday Jared left for a week long trip to SLC to redo his brothers roof. So i am flying solo for a few days. I am sure it will all be okay. I just hope I can keep them busy enough to keep me sane!
no pictures this week. I should have been taking pictures of the trampoline hole project, but I didn't. Ends up that we spent some time to dig out this hole for several days, and Jared stayed until we got it all put together yesterday. and while we were jumping on it to make sure it was safe :) we broke off 9 springs. so, needless to say, we took it back down, so that we can keep our no injuries streak going. Hopefully I can find a new one, for not too much moola.
hope you're having a great day.

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