Monday, July 21, 2008

Dad's home, mini concert and goodbye to my ipod

You may or may not know that Jared was gone all last week, from Monday night until late Saturday night. It is so great to have him home. Its good for us to be apart from time to time, it just makes me appreciate him more and more when he comes back.

Saturday night Kathryn and Sydney and two of their friends put on a mini concert at the church. They planned it all. songs, food, music etc. They shopped for the food, made the desserts, even had decorations on the tables.

The food

The Pledge of Allegiance song

Austin shaking his booty

The Macarana

oh yeah, the IPOD. We had taken my ipod to the church to use it for the macarana song. Once we got home, Kathryn put it on the table, Austin picked it up and was messing with it, so I took it away and put it in my pocket. I forgot about it and put my pants in the laundry, and then put all the laundry in the washer. Kathryn came out and asked to use it, and then I found it in the washer.
I am so bummed. I just downloaded some scriptures on there, so I could listen while I did dishes. bummer.