Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're Open

Air Care Professionals is now open for business
and this is our cool van. HUGE Thanks go out to our
awesome logo designer
Paul Johnson (contact him here)
for our Logo
and Rainbow Sign and Banner (check them out here)
for making it come alive on the van.
Jared and his cousin Shawn opened their own
heating and Air conditioning business. Its gonna be
awesome. He is a great worker and knows his stuff.


Kathy said...


Breanne said...

That's so fun to see! Thanks for advertising for Paul too!

elise said...

This is really cool. So are you the people we call when our air conditioner continues to pump out cold air even when the thermostat is set really high, causing our power bill to skyrocket? :)

MillerTime said...

Good Luck to you guys!!!

Davis family said...

Breanne-Paul did an awesome job. We are all extremely happy with the job he did. and everyone is commenting on how great it looks. Tell him a big thanks from me!!
Elise-have DJ call Jared. He will definitely try to fix it.

jenandjustin said...

If you need any testimonials.... Jared did our air conditioning and did a fabulous job! We'd be happy to spread the word!! I didn't know he was doing this. That's great!