Thursday, July 30, 2009


We have been extremely blessed
with amazing therapists for more than
2 years now. They love Gage, and want
whats best for him. They give, give and give
some more. and always have great ideas.
Before we moved on from The Learning
Center and all our great friends there
Cathy our PT helped get the ball rolling
for a special walker. It came yesterday
after months of waiting.
Its awesome. Gage loves it and is motivated to
walk. YAY!

maybe we'll all have motivation to keep the
house clean so he can use it often


Kathy said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad he loves it.

Tara Brooks said...

That's so cool. Congratulations guys!

Chady said...

He looks so excited! Congrats :)

Sharps said...

OH I just read this post and loved seeing his big smile and standing! If you ever need any help cleaning give me a call! seriously!

cherie said...

hey andi!

thanks so much for your inspiring comment on my blog today. i am sure that you are an amazing mother!! i wish i could take some lessons from you! so glad gage loves the walker. he's a cutie!!

jenandjustin said...

I love the basket on the front for his belongings! congratulations! that is wonderful!