Saturday, November 18, 2006

Things went much better today than they have all week. I know I am dooming myself for a hard day at church tomorrow. But we really did have a great day. Tanner had his last soccer game of the season, hopefully by next season we can convince to go after the ball. He did get the Super Star award today from his coach.

Kathryn's team had an excellent game. They won 3-2, the last point being scored within the last minute of the game. Kathryn has played defender for the majority of the season. She plays this post, because she doesn't like to run. Who plays soccer and doesn't like to run. She kicked some mighty kicks this season though. She is awesome.

After the game we went to get ice cream with the team to celebrate the season and thank the coach. The team mom passed out free ice cream cone cards. What an awesome thing for me. I even got a free ice cream. Woo Hoo.
After our soccer games we came home, and while the kids were playing in the yard, our neighbors called them over and asked if they wanted to help dig up sweet potatoes. Our kids are so into gardening. They all tried to touch my nice white shirt with their extremely dirty hands, and came home with some nice looking sweet potatoes. Watch out Jared, we will be having sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.

And all the while the baby slept.
Oh how sweet they are when they sleep.

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