Thursday, January 18, 2007

8 years old

I don't know what it is about my 3rd and final daughter turning 8 that is making me so emotional. Maybe it is that my sweet little girl is getting big and hitting a big milestone in her life. Sydney is 8 years old today. She has chosen to be baptized and is so excited. She asked me last night as she was going to bed if tomorrow she was allowed to work on her Faith in God book.(It's a book of activities that she can do to learn more about Jesus, God and how to make herself a better person) It was so sweet to me that she is so excited about it. She gets to go with Kathryn to their next Activity Day, also. She is a sweet girl, with a sweet giving spirit. She is also very happy. She loves school, playing with friends and horses. She loves horses. She can't wait to be able to ride on a real horse. I look forward to taking her one day soon. I think it has just hit me that my little girl is growing up, and too fast I might add. I love it that she is big, independent and beautiful. But on the other hand, I want her to stay the sweet girl that she is and not get any closer to the crazy age. haha.

Happy Birthday Sydney.

ps. for any and all who would like to attend, Sydney's baptism is going to be Saturday Feb. 3rd at 6 pm. at the Bloomington Hills Stake Center, St. George
contact me for directions.

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