Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So what do you get when you tell one boy not to do something because he is going to get hurt? Two boys doing the same thing and one getting hurt, screaming, blood and an hour later all fixed up with medical super glue and a steri-strip.

Last night, I asked Logan to not stand and rock in the recliner because he was going to tip it and get hurt. He sat down, I turned around to get something off the floor and when I turned back both Tanner and Logan were on the ground, in the tipped recliner! Logan got up and was fine-go figure. Tanner said he was hurt a bit, (he had hit his head on the corner of the table leg) but then started screaming when he saw the blood on the floor. I picked him up and asked what hurt. I saw this gash on the side of his head and it was bleeding some. I gave him a paper towel. I thought from the look of it, it would probably need stitches, so I called Jared to ask if he was close to home so he could look at it. Luckily he was done with his golf game and was close to home. He came home, looked at it and said , "yep, he needs stitches." Tanner freaked. He did not want stitches. I called the dr. office to see if they were still there. They answered. I was actually a bit shocked it being just after 5 pm. The dr said to bring him in. I got him in there, they cleaned it, numbed it, the dr. came in and said he could fix it up with some special glue that they had. It was in this cool little vile with a sponge top. He had Tanner lay down, and he dabbed the glue on the gash, got it closed up most of the way, then used a different glue to secure a steri-strip into place. Said don't get it wet for a few days, and I will see you back in 8-10 days to take it off and make sure it is healing properly.
Tanner did really good once the numbing stuff took effect. Until that point he was crying a little and asking me if he was going to get stitches. once the nurse put the numbing stuff in, he started telling me all about Laser Mania, and how fun laser tag is, and how he wants his birthday party there. He did get to pick dinner, since we missed the going away party dinner we were supposed to go to. We had Wendy's. He was happy.
and today at school he told them it didn't hurt at all. Of course, he has to be big and tough now. Now that he knows it wasn't as scary as he thought. haha

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