Thursday, January 4, 2007

An Amazing family

We have some friends nearby that have touched my heart. Their story is one of faith and hope, and love. Their baby was born with defects. His feet were both club feet and his hand the same. He couldn't breathe on his own. He has been on a ventilator for the past 4 months. They have been amazing. Here is a portion of her entries from a site called The baby's name is Jonah Abelhouzen.

We made it back in 5 pieces! Disneyland was a blast!!! The kids had a great time. It was a little overwhelming though. So much to see and do they got a little overstimulated. Jonah is well. Grandma & Grandpa Abelhouzen spent the week visiting with him while we were gone. He extubated himself 3 times this last time just yesterday evening and it was not easy reintubating it took three different people. He does not tolerate being extubated at all anymore he used to be able to go 1/2 hour 45 minutes he crashes hard now and turns blue immediately. He is getting very weak. His body is starting to wear out. He gained some weight while we were gone. Shocker!! He now weighs a hefty 15 pounds and is all rolls. He is so heavy. They had him on formula while we were in California and it really chunked him up. I went to see him last night when we got in and he was sitting up in his bed watching Incredibles on the NNP's laptop and just big eyed and loving it. I said Oh he's wide awake and he heard my voice and almost broke his neck and extubated himself looking for me. I walked up to his bed and said hey big boy mammas here to see you and the smile he gave me cracked his face he curled his little body up he was so excited. It was a very long week without him. I did not get my Jonah fix everyday. I held him and we had a little talk about what he wanted to do and where he was going. We both cried. He wants to go on a mission back to our Heavenly Father he is ready and so are we as hard as it is to see him go. He looked up at me as I talked to him and his eyes spoke to me he is tired and has fought so hard to be here for all of us but he is worn out. I was crying and a little tear just slipped out the corner of his eye as if to say mom I am going to miss you too but we'll be ok. He does not have much more in him and we are so grateful for this time Heavenly Father has allowed us to have. He has truly been an inspiration and a blessing to us all. Just to be in his presence is so heartwarming and peaceful. I hate to leave him.I foundf this quote I have had for years and want to share with you all. As my day old child lay in my arms. With my lips against his ear I whisper strongly . How I wish, I wish that you could hear; I have a hundred wonderful things to say. To tell you about Heavenly Father, his plan. He is still, my words tickle his ear, But a kind of light passes through his eyes, And I see this thought appear; How I wish, I wish I had a voice and words; I've a hundred things to say before I forget, I'd tell you of God for I left him yesterday. Jonah is a very wise spirit and many times as I have held him this has occured as I hold him crying he looks at me as if to say mom if you only know what I know you would not be sad. You would be happy for me for I have a mission to complete and another one waiting for me. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. This year is going to be hard one without Jonah as we reach all the milestones without him each month we will think how old he would have been and his first Birthday, Holidays etc etc. We are grateful to have family and friends close to help lift us up and carrry our burdens. Thank you for all the support you have given thus far to us these months have not been easy for Tim and I and the decisions we have had to make. We are thankful for the support even though you may not agree with them you have all been troopers.

Jonah earned his wings today and pased away at 2:00 pm. It was very peaceful and beautiful. Tim and I were holding him. I will update you all as soon as we know when his funeral services will be. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts these 4 months they have carried us through and given us the strength to endure. Don't cry and be sad, He is at peace and resting from his broken body. These last two weeks watching Jonah decline has made our decision to withdraw life support today a much easier one. We met with the doctors yesterday and Jonah's brain was not developing. We all decided in agrreement it was time to let Jonah get some peace and be free to rest so this morning at 12:45 we withdrew life support.He did not sufffer and was very much at peace as if he already knew. We love you and again ask do not be sad for we are not we are very happy he is at peace and free from all the wires and tubes keeping him alive.

I am asking for a favor. Please take a moment to say a prayer for this wonderful family. They are loving and kind and have been a great example to us. Thanks for your help with this.

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Springers said...

How can you not cry when you read this mother's entry about her infant son passing. Wow! She brought me to tears. I'm so grateful for my wonderful daughters. What a blessing it is to be a parent despite the hardships we encounter. The lessons we learn are invaluable. Thank you Andi for sharing their story with me. Tell them that we'll be praying for them.