Wednesday, August 22, 2007

biggest loser

I felt like the biggest loser, (and that not being in a good sense either), when I went walking/running with my friends this morning. They wanted to up our walking to running 60 seconds, walking 90. It was so hard for me. I made it the first two sets. Then couldn't run anymore. They decided to walk with me, which was nice. Then we walked for awhile, then did two more sets of run, then walk. I pooped out half way through the second set. It probably didn't help that its that time of the month, and the 2nd and 3rd days are the hardest in that department. and today is day two. Needless to say, I felt like a complete loser that I couldn't keep up. I think I may take it a little slower and just do it on my own, and let them go ahead and do whatever routine they want. My body is just not ready to run after two weeks of walking 3 days a week. a body that is 13 years out of shape isn't going to be ready to run this soon. oh well, I will just keep working on it.


Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

Andi, don't give up... You are not a loser. And It is hard to get back into shape. Just remember to go to the Lord for help with this he wants you to succeed in this. He WILL make your weak things strong if you let him and I believe this to include not just the spiritual things but also the physical and temporal things. Don't stop going with your group of friends, They can help and be a huge support. It is easier to quit and give up when you are on your own.... Stick with it and you will be so glad and proud of your self. I KNOW you can do this, just take it slow and let the group and the Lord help you... I love you Tiff

Davis family said...

Thank You! Thank You Tiff!! I so needed to hear that. Love ya back!!

Anonymous said...

T is right! Don't give up or back down. You will have really good days and really yucky ones. The next time you go, you may be able to keep up a little more. Everyone is different and everyone progresses at different times. You said it yourself...13 years out of shape doesn't get back into shape over night.
You are who I plan on using as inspiration to lose weight when I finally have this baby. You have always been an example to me. So no quitting now!
Keep up the good work, it will happen, and then you will feel even better about yourself because you were able to accomplish something.
Love ya babe!

The Davis Family said...

Sometimes you just have to set your own pace. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. I like what Tiffers said...the Lord will help you. Let's hope that he helps me too. This baby weight is not falling off like I dreamed it would. Love and miss you!