Tuesday, August 28, 2007

night time shower

It is 10 pm, we are watching the movie Wild Hogs, and all the kids are in bed, asleep. Cori comes out, looks like she is only 1/4 of the way awake. She stops, looks at us. We pause the movie and Jared asks her if she caught the bear. (He likes to ask her funny things when she is sleep walking) She says, what are you talking about. He then tells her to go back to bed. She walks to the bathroom, its quiet for a bit, we start the movie. Then all of a sudden I hear the bathtub turn on, I pause, then look at Jared in disbelief. Cori has the shower on. So I walk over to the bathroom door and knock on it.

Cori says, "yes?",
I ask, "what are you doing?"
Cori says, turning on the water.
I ask why (in complete hysterics, but trying to keep it to quiet laughter)
She says, to take a shower
I am now on the ground laughing hysterically
Jared enters the conversation, and asks why are taking a shower right now.
Well, why not dad?
Its night time, why don't you get dressed and get back to bed.

We are both hysterical.
She comes out, we keep our laughing down and he continues to talk to her. She didn't realize it was 10 pm, she thought it was 6 am.
She remembers part of the night last night. I still think its a crack up.
I guess you had to be there, but aren't kids great!!

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Anonymous said...

The best and funniest part of that, is that I can imagine the whole thing. I can see Cory, groggy-eyed walking out and being in a daze. I can also see you and Jared just slumped over laughing at the whole situation!
Man I miss you guys! Gotta love these kind of stories. Blackmale for when she starts dating.