Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm "IT" again

I've been tagged "IT" again. I thought this would be hard for me, but it ended up not as hard as I thought.
The idea of the game is this
1. I write 8 random facts
2. then tag 8 other bloggers to do the same
3. have fun

so here goes.

1. I absolutely hate the dentist. I would much rather go through all the labors, deliveries, c-sections and recoveries all over again, before having work done at the dentist. I hate that little pokey thing they use.

2. I really want to go to hair stylist college. I am so hair illiterate that I would love to go and learn, and I don't need to get a job after either. just so I could do cool things with the girls, and my hair.

3. I have an almost obsession with a clean and organized house. But you wouldn't know it by the way things look. and that is because I have 7 little people coming behind me making messes. and that is the way it is supposed to be.

4. I love to go to the batting cages or to hit softballs. I get such a rush hit the ball as hard as I can. which isn't much, because I am a wimp but I love it.

5. I love paper. printed, colored, stripes, polka dots, flowers. I love it.

6. I love to walk through model homes. I love the way they are perfect and decorated with pictures on the wall, beautful furniture and decorative things and that they are so clean!

7. I love fruit. Lots of different kinds. most days I would take a strawberry or mango over chocolate and diet dr. pepper.

8. I love to do the "Molly Mormon" things. Sewing, getting food storage, canning, cooking, family history, I would love to have a garden, and fruit trees, and I would love to freeze, or can the fruits of our labors. I am not all that good at any of it. but I love to do it just the same.

okay so I thought of a funny #9

(. I love to watch Richard Simmons workout videos. I only have one, but I think they are so great and fun. Jared thinks I am nuts for wanting to watch it, but I think they are great.

okay, so if you got this far, and have a blog. TAG YOU'RE IT


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee! Can I laugh at you about Richard Simmons too? Whenever I've watched a tape of his, I end up doing more laughing at him and his little shorts than I do any excercising. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Jenn loves Derek said...

YOur Funny!

Cute picture of your Family. I have a brother and sis nin law in Ivins, with 7 kids.

Thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate the good feedback on sharing what our beliefs are as LDS. I am just not very articulate and have lousy typing skills. Oh Well, I give good hugs when kids come home from School!

The Davis Family said...

Richard Simmons......hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!