Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Can Do It!!

Thanks to Cherie-a friend of a friend, I found this awesome website. Check it out. and just remember You are Awesome! You are important! You are mighty! You Can do anything you set your mind to. Go For it.

Enter this into your browser bar thing- yourname.youaremighty.com
so I would enter andi.youaremighty.com
go on, check it out, and turn your speakers on.

Have a great day.


Calamity Jane said...

that was oddly motivational, I am amazed at how good that made me feel even though whoever thinks I am mighty doesn't even know me. Thanks!

Davis family said...

I guess you can think of it as someone who is a blog friend. We don't know each other more than just a few comments here and there, but you are really motivational for me. And from what I have seen thus far, You are Mighty.