Saturday, November 10, 2007

costumes galore

The greeter at Wal-mart gave each of the boys a candy on the way out Halloween morning. Gage held the kit kat for awhile, then by the time we got home he had bit the wrapper open and had eaten some of the chocolate and had it all over himself in the car-seat. I grabbed him out, and turned his back to me, so I wouldn't get any chocolate on me, then sat him in the high chair so I could snap a picture. What a funny kid.

Gage was going to be dressed up as a dog,
but he didn't like the head of the costume,
so he ended up wearing a lightening mcqueen jacket,
a charlie brown shirt, and doggy pants.

Cori and Sydney were Pajama models,
Cori ended up painting her face for the
trunk or treat at the park, but then when
we went trick or treating later, she had washed it off.

Logan was Obi Wan Kanobi,
(Jared made this costume. Awesome job Honey.

I heard Tanner tell one lady he was a
Chinese Black Ninja-where does he come
up with that stuff.

Kathyrn was a business woman
Austin loves CARS, so Jared
made him an awesome Lightening
McQueen Car to wear,
but this is what he ended up wearing.
We had a trunk or treat (its where people brought their cars to the park, and handed out candy from their trunks, or side doors. The kids walked from car to car and said trick or treat. There were also games in the park. Face Painting, bean bag toss, tractor pull to name a few.
After that was over, we went to the neighbors for "rat meatloaf" "deviled eyes" "ghostly rolls" and monster mash potatoes.
We did take the kids trick or treating, until the little ones couldn't walk anymore.

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