Saturday, November 10, 2007

a little spill (really, really LONG)

Friday, November 2nd, 8:30 am, Tanner and Kathryn collided on the their bikes. She was going down to leave for school and Tanner was going back up to see where she was. And the result, a head on collision, a trip to the dr. and x-rays. The dr. didn't see anything on the xray, so he sent her home with a sling, and she has been wearing ever since. and told us to come back in a week for a recheck, if she wasn't better. So Thursday afternoon I call and get an appt for 8 am Friday, November 9th. I take the 3 little boys and Kathryn to see Phil, our very nice and competent Nurse Practitioner. He examines her arm and sends us to the hospital for more x-rays. After waiting for almost an hour we get the x-rays done. I race to take the 2 smallest boys to a friends, Kathryn to school and Logan and I go to preschool. ( I am supposed to be helping, and I was LATE) After an hour at preschool I keep getting call after call on my cell phone, which I am not answering because I am in the middle of helping the kids paint these really cute Indian shirts. I finally answer one of the calls. Its Jared telling me to leave school, go get Kathryn, and take her to the Orthopedic dr. She has a fracture near her elbow and because it has been a week already, they want us in right away to take care of it. GREAT! I am not only late making it to preschool but am now having to leave over an hour early. I get that squared away, call Jared back and tell him to pick up Logan when he gets into town from work. I run to get Kathryn, and we race to the dr. When we get there we end up waiting over an hour to see him. So much for needing to be there NOW. He shows us the x-ray and tells us that surgery is needed to put the bone back where it is supposed to be. So we head over to the hospital again, and this time go to Surgery Services. After sitting for just a few minutes they call us back, we get a weight, and height, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels. After that Kathryn gets changed into a gown. We are all settled, and have all the paper work, and questions done. They then tell us that the wait is going to be 2 hours, TWO HOURS. YIKES. We just sat and watched tv, we aren't able to eat anything because she is going to be sedated and is not allowed to eat anything. So we sat there, and waited and watched some dumb shows on tv. Then at about 4:45 pm the nurse, anesthesiologist, and dr. come in. They are finally ready. They give her some funny medicine, and take her back. She goes in about 5 and is out by 5:30.
The dr. didn't have any problem putting the bone back, and he didn't have to cut her open or anything. So he was out soon. It was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be. They put a full arm cast on her. I was back with her by 6, and we hung out, watching tv and drinking apple juice. We were home by 7:15 pm. She had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia and cried a lot. But she is doing fine today. I had to wake her every couple hours through the night. It kinda sucked, but it was all to make sure she didn't have some reaction to the drugs.

The fixed arm x-ray /the broken arm xrays.

The happy patient


Melissa Basua said...

Scary! I hate surgery stuff with kids, but I am glad it FINALLY turned out fine!

nikki said...

I'm glad she's o.k.! Sucks for you though huh? That's crazy she went in that same day! Give Katherine my love!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kathryn is alright. She sure is a trooper, just like her mommy. Sorry your day didn't go well. We love you guys!