Monday, November 5, 2007

Its about time

Gage loved being outside,

Logan thought the gooey
pumpkin guts were cool.

Pumpkin carving is one of
Jared's favorite things.

I am so behind, and its about time I get caught up. I have some pictures and news to post. I guess I will start with pumpkins. We had a great time carving and decorating them this year. Only one casuality. Gage picked up a little pokey... (Those yucky stickers that get caught in your socks and hurt you.) in his mouth. First it was stuck on his tongue and then on the roof of his mouth. Not fun. But other than that, here are the finished products.


Melissa Basua said...

Looks Like tons of fun! Cute, cute pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

Cori is NOT aloud to look so grown up and beautiful (as with all the kids). Cori looks SO much like Esther in that picture. I think it's the smile.
Great pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I realized I spelled that wrong! Sorry, Allowed!