Monday, April 7, 2008

Can you say

Redneck?! Say it with me REDNECK. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think that one of my kids looks like an orphan or white trash, but really right now I feel like a redneck, and I will show you why.
these weeds-almost 3 feet high

couches belong inside, one good thing about these being outside, the kids can eat, jump, drink etc, and I don't care.

the swing set, that is supposed to be upright, I think.

and the best yet, the 2 refrigerators!!

We did get a new couch from a friend, that's wonderful.

the weeds did get mowed, so it almost looks like we have grass

and we bought a brand new refrigerator. Its awesome. I love it. Now I'm looking forward to slowly replacing all the appliances in the kitchen, and then some new cabinets would be nice.


Christi said...

HA HA! We are soul mates, you've seen my backyard. You're making your house look worse than it is though, I've been inside and can testify, its not that bad! Your new fridge is great (jealous)

Abelhouzen Family said...

love the new fridge!!!! in the words of Jeff Foxworthy if your front room furniture is now your patio furniture you just might be a redneck!!!! ha ha ha Love ya guys. Des

Amy said...

How awesome! I love the new couch!!! The fridge is wonderful. I'm so happy for you!

Kim said...

That couch is like the one that I was telling you about! It looks great...and the new fridge (Joe will be jealous!)

Sara said...

That's too funny. Our backyard is completely a mess. We have a dog, so it will never be nice. Although we have started to clean it up a bit. We'll see how long that last.

MillerTime said...

Love the home improvements!!! Looks great!!

nikki said...

I'm like you, you have to laugh about these things otherwise well there is no alternative, it is what it is! I love your fridge and couch!