Monday, April 28, 2008

This is what I felt like doing all day. I stayed up with Cori finishing a school project and I was only asleep less than 4 hours.
Jared finished the garage shelves on Saturday. I filled them up today. I took all the boxes from the floor of the garage and put them on the shelves. There is still lots of room and when I get all my stuff organized there will be even more room. I am ready to unload the 3 cabinets we had in there holding stuff, into boxes. Then we will be ready to go through every box and seperate garage sale and trash and keep. I am very happy with what we accomplished today. Its so nice to have a cleaner garage. While I was in there I left Gage eating his mac & cheese waiting to hear him yell for me. I heard the bowl hit the floor and when I came in, he was asleep. I know-nice mom, leaving the kid eating while I worked in the garage. I have an obsession with this project. But no excuse.


Kim said...

Gotta love that face!

Amy said...

Good for you! We've tried attempted to clean out the garage countless times. My mom wants shelves to. I guess we had better get dad to do it. The only factor is all the time it consumes.