Monday, April 21, 2008

up to Salt Lake

yes again. We finally got the little boys up to their post op appt Friday. We will be heading back in June. We are happy and appreciative that our family lets us stay at their house, feeds us and lets us watch Disney channel. It was a short trip, We ended up driving up Friday early morning, and coming home Saturday evening.
We were able to have some fun on Saturday though, we headed to the zoo. It made Gage so tired that he slept the entire way home to St. George.

The kids resisting me taking their picture

The clan, minus one.

Austin being upset that he was in the stroller

Gage in his normal happy face

Maybe our next trip will be a bit longer and we can plan more fun stuff. And actually get to hang out with Joe.


Christi said...

Hey! Great pics. Glad you could sneak in a fun zoo day!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Thats nice that he could sleep so long. It can make the drive seem alot longer when everybody is yelling and fighting.

Kim said...

Maybe the Disney Channel will be "broke" next time....he he he. Glad you guys came up!