Thursday, April 10, 2008

we had an accident...

with berry smoothie! Gage loves to drink out of a regular cup, but usually spills it all over himself. So Monday night it was no different. He wanted to drink out of a cup, so I gave him a tiny bit of smoothie. He takes a drink, doesn't get anything, and tries again. This time it all comes down into his mouth. With is mouth wide open in shock, he pushes that stuff right out of his mouth, down his shirt and onto the floor. It really looked like a puddle of blood. Jared was gone at Volleyball- I seriously thought of moving the suburban, and leaving him a note that said we had an accident and I had to rush Gage to the ER. But I was nice, and I didn't.
He came home from Volleyball injured. He rolled his ankle. He is now on crutches-not sure when he will go back to work. It has been nice having him home. I like the company.

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Amy said...

Poor guy. I do have to admit, It looks pretty wierd. :)