Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday celebration

I got in trouble for not posting the pictures and info on Gage's birthday celebrations.
We were up north in Salt Lake, so we were able to do things with Kim and Zachary. (Joe was at work)
We took the kids to Discovery Gateway. Awesome place, even better we had free tickets! The kids had a great time. There were so many things to do. In the one picture of Austin, he is playing in this manmade stream, that had plastic boats, balls, all sorts of cups to play in the water with. He got soaked from his wrists to his arm pits, and down his whole front. He had so much fun. That is his favorite pass time. Usually he isn't allowed to play in the water at home, because he always floods the bathroom. Gage had a great time watching all the kids play, crawling around, and being carried to the various places to play.

After our outing we went back and had cupcakes. Too bad Gage wanted nothing to do with it.

a full fledged two year old

bug eyes

We finally gave Gage his present a week later. Its a very cool Farm book with magnetic pages, and plastic magnetic animals.


Amy said...

That is so funny how in the slide show of Gage oppening his present you see him sitting up then in the next few you see him gradualy falling down.

Kim said...

That is one good looking nephew you got there! =)