Monday, March 3, 2008

Last weeks menu was pretty nice, but I am back to guessing what to have for breakfast and lunch and just planning dinner. The meals that we ate were wonderful. The fajitas were perfect, the meatloaf was fabulous and the pork salad is awesome. I definitely will make those again.

This weeks menu isn't quite as yummy, but it will do.

Sunday- Scalloped Potatoes, green beans, homemade bread peach cobbler for dessert
Monday- Zesty Chicken, rice and rolls cake for treat
Tuesday- Potato Bar
Wednesday - Taco Salad
Thursday - buffet bonanza
Friday- Spaghetti & french bread
Saturday- Swiss steak


Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE TACO SALAD!!! Maybe becase I love tacos. HA HA HA!!! :)

Bobbie said...

I left my MPM comment in the wrong spot... I think it is in your previous post! Sorry about that.

nikki said...

If I go to the site can I get the meatloaf recipe? I've been totally craving meatloaf lately which is funny cuz when my mom made it as a kid I would always complain!

Davis family said...

Nikki, go to that link, it has the recipe in an easy to find place. Enjoy. Andi