Monday, March 10, 2008


its sweet love when your 4 year old does something nice just to surprise his little brother.
My heart melted last night when I found Logan outside drawing rodes with chalk, just to surprise Austin. It makes me almost teary eyed just typing it. It was such a sweet act. Then when Tanner came out to see what we were doing, he joined in the fun. Cute boys. Austin loved it.


Amy said...

How special. That is very sweet.

Sara said...

isn't it just adorable when they show love for their siblings. How sweet! Good luck in SLC.

Breanne said...

That IS really sweet. Sorry I haven't gotten on the ball and fully responded yet! It is fun to keep in touch!

I hope you all are doing well. Are the boys' eyes okay?

How is everything else?
We're doing well here. Taya is cute & BUSY. And she doesn't even crawl yet - yikes! I need to post more pictures of her soon.

Paul says Hi!