Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter weekend part one

We had a busy, but fun Easter celebrating weekend. Friday there was an Easter Egg hunt for children with special needs. So we took the kids. Gage thought it was fun to get eggs, and it cured him of his dislike of grass. Bright colored eggs filled with candy, why wouldn't you want to crawl in the grass looking for them.
Austin sharing his new bucket with Gage

Gage finds some eggs

Logan's stash

Austins stash

Look mom, candy-Cori was Gage's helper. She didn't care much for finding eggs for herself.

Tanner, busy at work

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Amy said...

I don't like finding them either. In fact, I was the one that hid them at the ward Easter Egg hunt! But I looooove eating the goodies in the eggs!