Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sand Hollow Resevoir 8-02

Some friends of ours own a boat and they asked us if we would like to head out to the lake to go tubing. We said yes. and I am so glad we did. it was so fun. Tanner went to a birthday party so he wasn't there with us. Thanks Tim and Des for keeping him so long.

Jared and Brigham go first

the kids at the front of the boat

Cori having a fun time, Kathryn scared to death

gage likes the boat ride

Cori and Syd-she really liked it too

Gage loves to just float with the life vest on

Allison and Logan

Bryce and Brigham

Jared and Gage

Andi and Austin -he would only go with me

Sydney driving while dads on the tube

Gage sleeping standing up

Cori and Brigham

caught sleeping with his had in the bag

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