Saturday, August 23, 2008

water day

July 27-good thing for me my pictures are dated. I wish I would have blogged about this day right away. Because this post would have been a lot funnier.
This is what Gage did for the majority of our time at the water park. The rest of the kids had fun as you can see.

even after a half an hour he was still crying that he couldn't go on the swings.

this is my favorite of all the pictures-he just looks so serious even though he is standing in a straight up stream of water.

wish I could remember why Logan was so happy

Gage finally ventured out to see the water after a bribe to go on the swings

Kathryn trying really hard to get Gage to feel better

He finally got his way

and Austin too

The boys were in charge of pushing while I headed to the bathroom. they ended up playing this game that made Gage laugh so hard. Tanner would push from the back, and Logan would stand in the front and pretend (sound effects and all) that Gage was hitting him with his feet. So funny.

time to go home

and go to the pool

he's floating on the kick board all by himself

This was a fun day.

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