Saturday, August 23, 2008


I realize that I am way behind in the blogging department. Hopefully I can be better. It seems that I go in spurts.
This is Pioneer day. It is a day that we celebrate the people who lived and died making the trek to the west to be able to enjoy religious freedom. In our area they do a big activity where there are different houses set up in a ball field and you walk to different ones to do different things. We made ice cream, got horse shoe rings, had a family picture taken, got to ride on a horseshoe horse, and the kids were bees in a parade.

In this first picture Gage is modeling his new gloves as well as his bee outfit. A friend of ours made gloves for him, so when he goes outside and crawls around, it doesn't hurt his hands so much. We also have another friend who made some knee pads but we haven't got those yet.

Gage thinks this horse was pretty cool

and isn't so happy when his turn is up

don't we make a great cowboy family


MillerTime said...

That is an awesome pic!!

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

Where are your guys' shirts?? i love that the kids match!!