Saturday, August 23, 2008

Patty's wedding day 8-01-08

To our joy and sadness our favorite neighbor and dear friend got married. The girls were clean up helpers and got beautiful shirts and skirts so I had a friend come over and do their hair.

Cori being a goof

Gage's self photography-these next pictures he took with the camera and about 25 more that I am not going to share

Tanners the photographer

Logan's best friends Hunter and Cameron are Patty's twin boys. We love you guys.

They had a beautiful ceremony. I am so grateful for Patty and her friendship. I am grateful to Larry ( Patty's husband) for loving her and taking care of their family. They are a great blessing in our lives. We will miss having them for neighbors, but luckily they aren't too far.


MillerTime said...

I had NO IDEA!!! WOW good for her!!! Give her my best! Where did they move to?

nikki said...

Oh Andi, your girls are growing into such beautiful young ladies! I miss them soo much!