Monday, October 20, 2008

the fall carnival

The family to family network had a great Halloween carnival tonight. I think the kids had a good time. They got all dressed up in their costumes, except Gage because he has an obsession with keeping his shirt on, so he wouldn't let me change him. They had face painting, fishing, cauldron toss, ring toss, cake walk, and a really fun one where you got to choose between sticking your hands in brains, or bones to find a prize. The kids even got to ride on a cow train, i think that is what it was called. Its individual little side cars that are strung together and pulled by what looked like a golf cart. (at the near by farm they pull it with a small tractor or something similar) The kids got all the little prizes that they love and I don't, and candy and cupcakes. We missed out on the hot dogs and chips, but we came home and had hot dogs for dinner. We did all this, and I FORGOT the camera. I'm so bummed. I promise to take pictures of the kids in their costumes on Halloween.
It was a fun night just the same. The only problem is I feel crappy. I have a headache that only sorta goes away with meds, and a sore throat and sinus pressure. I am really looking forward to bed hopefully really soon.
hope your Monday was a good one.


Kathy said...

Hope you get feeling better soon! Sounds like the carnival was fun.

jen said...

Loved the carnival, I am so glad you guys made it. You are so supportive in all of our activities.
Hey, I have tagged you look on my blog for the rules.

Christi said...

Carnival sounds fun! TLC? We survived another Enrichment!