Monday, October 13, 2008

I love this picture from last fall. Jared is wearing my favorite shirt, and he actually smiled at the camera. He won't like it that I posted this, but as it is my favorite, this is the picture I am going to use.

Today is Jared's birthday. oh how I love this man. He is funny, helpful, loving, giving, brave, strong etc. He makes me smile each day. He works hard everyday. He takes care of us, he leads us and guides us each day. I do not tell him enough how much I appreciate all he does. With work being slow at his normal job, he has been doing other work to bring in more money. I so wanted to get today off for him, so he could relax and do the things he likes to do. but instead he is at the neighbors using a sledge hammer to take down walls, and helping with the demolition process of their house. He wanted Rain Forest Cafe for breakfast today(a little far to drive just for breakfast) , but he happily ate scrambled eggs and sausage. I have a great and understanding husband. I am so blessed.
Happy Birthday my love!! I love you for so many reasons, here are just a few (the list will probably get longer as the day goes on)

I love you for :

-waking up early, running to walmart and home to make me a surprise breakfast-just because
-brushing my hair
-putting up with all the things i do that annoy you and still loving me despite those things
-loving the kids
-playing with them
-having fun and laughing with them
-the unconditional love you have for others
-your willingness to serve those in need
-the willingness you have to serve in the church
-having a testimony of the gospel
-having a testimony and knowledge of the scriptures
-the ability you have to speak or teach without much warning and being good at it
-holding the priesthood and being worthy to use it
-giving me priesthood blessings, and the sweet way you give our children father's blessings
-for taking me to the temple so many years ago and for continuing to take me each week
-handing me the cash out of your wallet, and saying go have fun
-supporting me, in whatever task, or endeavor I take on
-being good at fixing things
-loving me
-marrying me
-loving the Lord
-being my sweet husband and a wonderful father to our children
How blessed we are that you are in our lives.


MillerTime said...

You two are the cutest couple, you work together so well!! Happy Birthday, Jared!!

jen said...

Happy Birthday Jared! I have loved getting to know your family.
Jen L

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Deeeeeear Jared...Happy Birthday toooooo yooooouuuuu!!!!!

Tara Brooks said...

Happy Birthday Jared! Hope it was wonderful!

Christi said...

This is a really sweet post. Happy belated Jared!